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Journey to the Himalayas, Peoples & Heritages

Precious Adventures saw its beginning with the mission to introduce the Himalayas, people, and heritage of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Ladakh. We offer travel packages that emphasize nature and delve deep into local culture and traditional practices. Today, at Precious Adventures, Mr. Shrestha and his like-minded colleagues share the dream of delivering sustainable travel packages in the long run. Conducting trekking, tours, and pilgrimages in Nepal, we have broadened our services as far as Tibet, Bhutan, and Ladakh.

As a local-grown company, we also take our social responsibility seriously. Regularly co-operate with Chhahari Foundation, we aid in organizing health, education, and income generation activities in marginalized communities.

Not just a Tour and Travel agency, Precious Adventures is a team of individuals who understand their clients and help them explore the mysteries of the Himalayas.

We are affiliated

1. Office of Company Registrar, company registration No: 170853/074/075)

2. Department of Cottage & Small Industries, Registration No:15518/13

3. Department of Tourism, Licence No: 2363/074

4. Inland Revenue Department Nepal, PAN No: 605927078

5. Nepal Rastra Bank, Licence No: 107/01/07

Our Core Values

Experience the journey of a lifetime with us


Ensuring the safety of clients, our a top priority is Sefety of our Clients. This might include adhering to strict safety protocols, maintaining high-quality equipment, and training guides and support staff in emergency response and risk management.


environmentally and culturally responsible. This include minimizing the environmental impact of treks, supporting local communities, and promoting responsible tourism practices

Customer satisfaction

A commitment to customer satisfaction is our  a core value . This  include providing excellent service, responding to customer needs and concerns, and striving to exceed customer expectations.


have knowledgeable and experienced guides and support staff who can provide safe and enjoyable experiences for their clients.

Our Story

How it all started

Journey to the Himalayas, People & Heritages

Precious Adventures Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2017 by Gita Bahadur Shrestha, a passionate and experienced individual in the tourism industry. Gita has been involved in the tourism sector since 2004, working alongside his brothers to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field.
Despite facing challenging times, such as the 2008 recession, the 2015 earthquake, and the recent Corona crisis, Gita continued to work in the tourism industry with the goal of delivering quality and fair services, while also helping local people.

In 2017, Gita decided to establish Precious Adventures Pvt. Ltd. with the mission of promoting the local people and heritages of the Himalayas, and fulfilling people's dream of visiting the mountains.

The company's slogan, "Journey to the Mountain, People, and Heritages," reflects its commitment to providing sustainable and responsible tourism, supporting the local communities and preserving the natural beauty of the area for future generations to enjoy.

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable guides, Precious Adventures Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide personalized and high-quality services for their clients. From planning and organizing the trek, to providing the necessary equipment and support, the company takes care of everything to make sure that their clients have a memorable and safe journey.

Precious Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience in the Himalayas, and with the company's expert team and passion for the area, they are sure to make it happen. Today, the company is proud to be known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy trekking agency in the region. "

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Everest Base Camp Trek


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17 Days


USD 1450$

Mera Peak Climbing


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19 Days



Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek


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22 Days