Legal Documents

Legal Documents We, Precious Adventures, hold the legal documents from the Government of Nepal to operate treks, tours, and other leisure activities. We are registered in the Department of Tourism, hold PAN from the Office of the Company Registrar, and have other essential credentials to operate holidays in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Department of Tourism,

Nepal Precious Adventures Pvt. Ltd is a registered company in the Department of Tourism, Nepal. It falls under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, a government authoritative body in Nepal. A copy of our legal document is uploaded here.

Why do you need to get registered in the Department of Tourism Nepal?
     For the operation of trekking and tours in Nepal, it is compulsory for trekking agencies to have authorization from the Department of Tourism. It is a competent authority of the government to monitor the legitimacy of the agency. Trekkers who are planning to visit Nepal and searching for a trekking agency in Nepal, first of all, you need to seek those legal documents issued by the Department of Tourism, Nepal.There are many trekking agencies in the market organizing Nepal adventure activities. But few don’t hold any legal documents from the Department of Tourism, Nepal, and still, run treks and tours. This brings complications during their holidays. To avoid such troubles, you are requested to take few time, do some research and visit Nepal only through a legit company with experienced guides


Office of Company Registrar (OCR)

We are also registered with the Office of Company Registrar (OCR) in Nepal. It is the government’s authoritative body to administer the company registration. After registration, the agency received a state identification number for taxation purposes on the behalf of the company and its employees. Our registration number is 170853/074/075. Why it is important to get registration in OCR? The company registration represents the company as the limited liability that is conferred upon the company’s directors and shareholders. After the registration, Precious Adventures has its own legal entity or status or recognition in the tourism market.

Nepal Mountaineering Association of Nepal

Trekking agencies engaged in mountaineering activities in Nepal Himalayas should also register in Nepal Mountaineering Association of Nepal. It is vital to issue permits for Nepal Mountains Expeditions like Mera peak, Labuche Peak, Island peak etc. If you do not find any legal document for NMA, then those company are illegal to issue the permit of those peaks. We, Precious Adventures Pvt. Ltd is registered in NMA. Our registration number is 1485.